Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bloody Periods

Periods. Mine are nothing but trouble. Some people might not mind theirs, but I bloody hate my bloody period and I'm pretty certain it hates me. We've never really got along all that well, but in recent years things have deteriorated to the point where I'm convinced my uterus and I are engaged in a battle of gory attrition only one of us can win.

I thought about starting this blog a couple of weeks ago when I was having a particularly bad time of it, again, then put it on hold in case it was all simply a crazy hormone-induced idea. Two days of fuck off pain during which it's felt like I've been trying to give birth to a gremlin determined to cling on in there with razor sharp talons have given me the necessary impetus to begin proper.

This is a place to moan and (over) share and also to relate my own experience with doctors and blood tests and scans and specialists and still not finding an answer to what is frequently a debilitating, messy, and painful problem. If anybody else would also like to talk about their period woes, then I am all ears - swapping period stories can make the whole thing feel much less awful.

The Period Blog is on.


  1. Well there's another thing we have in common - besides Adam Ant.

    1. Blood sisters! (I'm not totally sure if that's cool or gross... I'm going with cool)