Thursday, 13 August 2015

Current mood: changeable

Periods have been on my mind again today; more than I would have liked really. I was going to write about where I am with my Woes, but actually it's the emotional toll of menstruation I want to mention.

I am somewhat beleagured at the moment physically and mentally. It's not only period related, but it sure ain't helping. I've gone through about two dozen moods today, from irritatingly chirpy through flat all the way to fighting back tears.

The fragile and unstable nature of my emotions just before and during my period can sometimes be overwhelming. I've always had PMS-like symptoms* to some degree, but recently I've found myself becoming tearful much more often. There is other stuff going on in my life that is quite upsetting, but these bouts of crying seem cyclically linked to my menstrual cycle (such as it is, but that's a story for another day). In my mind I call the times when I'm brimming with tears hormone crashes, but I have no idea if that's medically accurate. I do feel my mood crash though, that's for sure, and it's sadness I feel rather than the stereotypical anger associated with PMS.

Sometimes I can coax myself back into my default fairly cheerful mood, other times I withdraw completely and read until I feel better able to deal with the world. Today I've eaten pizza, watched two episodes of Gotham and am now listening to Sleater-Kinney. I no longer feel so bad.

Do any of you lot out there get mega 'hormone crashes' (and do you have a name for the phenomenon), how does it affect you, and what do you do to try and make yourself feel better?

*I say PMS-like symptoms rather than simply PMS as my understanding of PMS as a medical condition is that the symptoms are supposed to vanish once you actually start bleeding. I wish.

More information about Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can be found on the NHS website. There's quite an interesting list of symptoms; I reckon I can tick off a good 80% of them!

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