Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Period Pieces

I can gleefully report that I have been period free for over a week. The stop-start shenanigans have stopped for a while. It's the least bloody I've been for ages and it is glorious! There's been plenty of period-related things floating across the internet to keep me occupied, and I thought I'd round up a few of them here.

The Pool are gathering quite a nice archive of period pieces. Most recently, and as part of their In My Head week, Lynn Enright wrote about PMS: PMS is definitely real. I'm goddamn certain it's real (my earlier post Current mood: changeable is about this), and I related to this article hard. I also learned a new acronym - PMDD, which stands for Premenstral dysmorphic disorder and is something I'm going to research.

Also on The Pool was a PMS SOS Kit article, a shopping list for your period woes. It's fun rather than serious, although the Sudocrem tip for spots is an excellent one! It features shower gels and under-eye concealers; things to perk your mood up a bit.

Lucy Powrie, the YA blogger and booktuber, made a very interesting video about menstruation in YA literature. Periods are absent from the majority of fiction, it's just not where we learn about them. I think Lucy makes a convincing case as to how rubbish that is, and especially so for girls who are experiencing menstruation for the first time. Reading about periods can normalise the experience and be a comfort.

I wouldn't generally link to the Daily Mail because it's a rage mag of the lowest order, but this article is intriguing. Apparently there is a new treatment for super heavy periods, whereby the womb lining is burnt away with microwaves. It sounds a relatively simple procedure, not hugely painful, less invasive than some older methods of doing this, and fairly cheap for the NHS. I'm not totally sold on it, but it does look worth further investigation. To redress the balance, they also ran a story about women stopping their periods and defying the laws of nature for the sake of their careers, which is a horrible mess of stereotyping, all round unpleasantness and misogyny. If I ever have the strength, I'll unpick it piece by piece, but not right now.

Last up is an article about period problems that has some pretty handy drawings illustrating the sites of pain of different types of problems. It's on a site called Refinery 29, which I didn't know before but looks a little like a US The Pool. I liked this a lot because it isn't always easy to identify what sort of pain you're getting and this actually helps.

Hope you enjoy and/or find some useful stuff in some of these. And please let me know of any period pieces that have caught your eye recently.

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